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Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Programs:

Dr. Pat Solis and his staff are pleased you have chosen Health Plus Weight Loss Center (HPWLC) for your weight loss program.  HPWLC is dedicated to providing you with the very best medical testing, evaluation, and treatment.

  • Are you looking for a safe, affordable, medically supervised weight loss program that will work for you?
  • A program that takes into account your personal health needs, your lifestyle, and is committed over time to your success?
  • Are you looking for a personal counselor to help you to reach your weight loss goals?
  • Do you want to eat real food from the grocery store and lose weight?

Health Plus Weight Loss Center In Houston, Texas Features
Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Programs
Tailored To Your Individual Weight Loss Goals

Introducing Dr. Pat Solis of Houston, Texas, Founder of Health Plus WeightLoss Center and Inventor of the Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Programs.

Dr. Pat Solis developed the Metabolic Weight Loss Programs in 1989 and has helped hundreds of patients achieve their weight loss success. Dr. Pat Solis was medically trained at 7 of the most prestigious medical schools in the world including Oxford University School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School. He is board certified in Obstetrics And Gynecology and has been in practice managing patients since 1977.

Dr. Pat Solis will personally work with you to gather a thorough history and physical exam, lab work-up, as well as listen to your unique weight loss challenges. Together you will select the right Metabolic Weight Loss Program best suited for you, your metabolism, and your lifestyle.

Our Metabolic Weight Loss Programs are all natural and are medically safe, effective, and easy to follow. We understand why diets alone are not successful. We know that ONE DIET or ONE PROGRAM will not work for every individual. At HPWLC, we have developed comprehensive programs that will be tailored to your individual lifestyle and medical needs for safe, rapid weight loss. Our combination of medical supervision, nutritional education, and enhanced physical and mental conditioning is customized for you.

This unique evaluation and personal diet formulation is carefully monitored.  Changes are implemented to meet your particular needs so that you, too, can be successful.

Your determination to lose weight will be reinforced and assisted through improved nutrition, a personalized program of regular exercise, and behavior modification (changing old habits and thought patterns).

Now you can safely have the body you deserve, the admiration of your loved ones and friends, and the energy to enjoy life!

Positive, reassuring, and professional treatment for every patient on an individual basis is the service you will find here.  Our staff welcomes your questions and is ready to assist you in every possible way.

“I am 55 years old, have spent the last 20 years close to 300 lbs. I never could stick with any diet and just gained back more the next time. This plan made a lot of sense to me and let me eat real food. I really am not hungry and I have lost 43 pounds in 6 months. I actually find myself making food choices, even if I go to a fast-food place. I get it now that food is a lot more than just calories. I am not in a hurry, I just want to do something I can live with for a long time.” MC