What Benefits Can I Expect From The Health Plus Weight Loss Center?

Health Plus Weight Loss Center is a medical office providing several weight loss resources for you. We offer affordable, effective, and easy to stay on programs that guide you in losing weight and in keeping it off permanently. You will have the support of Dr. Pat Solis, a highly trained Medical Weight Loss doctor, and his staff.

Top 21 Benefits Of The Metabolic Weight Loss Programs

    1. Nutritional and behavior modification counselors to help you make the right choices, help you create your menu plans, and teach you the foods to choose for optimal weight loss:
      - They will help with individual menu planning and your food diary.
      - They will identify which foods to choose for optimal weight loss and maintenance and which to avoid.
      - They will teach you about the glycemic index of carbohydrates and how it relates to carbohydrate fat burning.
    2. Caring, understanding, knowledgeable, supportive staff team that are committed to you and your success
    3. Accountability which is key to attaining your goals
    4. Private weigh-ins
    5. Brief yet informative educational videos to watch at each visit to help you reach and maintain your goal weight
    6. Educational binders are provided at no additional cost on achieving improved health, nutrition, and weight loss along with workbooks to individualize your weight loss experience.
    7. A variety of all natural vitamins, minerals, appetite suppressants, and fast burners to improve your overall health and help you achieve your weight loss goals.
    8. A selection of nutritional supplements are conveniently available for purchase including soups, shakes, protein bars, and snacks.
    9. Your choice of weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly return visits which are affordable with no hidden costs.
    10. Our programs have been carefully physician researched and developed and clinically tested since 1989.
    11. Our weight loss programs are medically safe.
    12. Our Programs are simple and easy to follow while eating real food. The Patient Training Manual that you will receive on your initial set up visit is a complete home study course in nutrition and weight loss written in a simple, easy to understand language.
    13. The weight loss programs have been proven effective and enable patients to lose an average of two to three pounds per week without feeling hungry. Our professional supervision means you will lose weight safety, quickly, and steadily. The benefits to you are immediate improvements in your self esteem, appearance, and health.
    14. They are convenient in that we provide you with a clear, compartmentalized, plastic box that hold’s your week’s supply of Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Supplements.  This pill box with its supplements can be conveniently placed in your purse or attaché case so that you will always be assured of having your supplements available.
    15. Patients frequently tell us our weight loss programs are easy to stay on, as they have few side effects and they do not feel hungry. As you choose your own food while on the weight loss plan, you do not grow tired of eating the same type of food and it is more economical than other weight loss programs.
    16. Most of our patients tell us that while they are on our Metabolic Weight Loss Programs, they have more energy and they feel, act and look better.
    17. Our Metabolic Weight Loss Programs are comprehensive both in the initial and follow up management of the patient.
    18. Losing and maintaining your goal weight  has many medical benefits. For this reason our programs are available only through a doctor, as obesity is a medical condition requiring medical expertise to manage its related diseases:

- Hypertension

- Heart Disease

- Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

- Hypercholesterolemia

- Degenerative arthritis, especially of the lower extremities and spine

- Gall bladder disease

- Worsening of the following disorders with excessive weight:

- Asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema
- Increased rates of cancer, kidney disease, and neurological disorders
- Complications in pregnancy and delivery
- Increased anesthesia and surgical risk
- Decreased life expectancy

  1. A long term weight maintenance program with monthly visits to ensure you maintain your weight while receiving our Metabolic Weight Loss all natural vitamins, minerals, and fat burners.
  2. They are also available in Spanish
  3. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied (excluding the cost of medical history physical exam, lab work tests, and EKG which are typically covered by your insurance)

“The loss of 12.5 pounds in 6 weeks may sound like a dream – it’s a reality for me! On the Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Programs the best part is that I am losing weight, not just wishing. I feel healthy and not hungry. What a plan!” DH