What are the costs of the Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Programs?

We have had a long standing commitment at Health Plus Weight Loss Center to make all of our programs affordable.

  • Initial Visit:  The initial visit requires a complete medical history, physical examination, lab profile, and EKG. Because HPWLC Weight reduction programs are individualized the charges will vary with the needs and options selected by the patient. There are charges depending on the type of weight loss program selected.  This includes weight, blood pressure, urine tests, counseling, and supplements.  Additional nutritional supplements may be purchased by those patients who wish to utilize them in their weight loss program.
    • Depending on your insurance company, fees for medical and dietary histories, physical examinations, laboratory tests, EKGS, and office visits may be covered. You may also be able to deduct part of the cost on your tax return as a medical expense.
    • After each visit you will be provided with a receipt coded with the medical diagnosis and treatment administered.
    • Your arrangement with your insurance carrier is a contract between you and them. All charges are the responsibility of the patient if not covered by the insurance carrier.
  • Follow-up Visits: For each weight loss visit, all educational materials, vitamins, minerals, natural appetite suppressants, and fat-burners are included in the fee.
  • Supplements: Patients choosing the ‘modified fast’ plan or the ‘combination plan’ can purchase the medically safe, protein-rich supplements such as soups, shakes, bars, and snacks at the Health Plus Weight Loss Center.


(Excluding the cost of the first visit, physical exam, laboratory work up, and EKG)