Follow Up Visits

Things To Expect At The Follow Up Weight Loss Visits At Health Plus Weight Loss Center?



For the first month, weekly appointments are recommended. Thereafter, Dr. Solis and his Staff will work with you to determine whether weekly, every other week, or monthly appointments will support your success.

  • Dr. Pat Solis and Staff will help you determine which of the three Metabolic Weight Loss programs will work successfully for you based on your test results from your first visit, your lifestyle, and your individual preferences
  • In office one-on-one nutritional and behavior modification counseling and private weigh-ins
  • You will learn what to eat and what not to eat that fits your lifestyle and activity level as well as how to maintain your desired weight for life
  • Included in the cost of each visit you will be given your choice of natural or prescription appetite suppressant that reduce or eliminate hunger cravings.
  • Also included in the cost of each visit you will be given vitamins, minerals, fat burners, and energy enhancers
  • At each visit you will have the option to view brief weight loss educational videos that will help you to understand nutrition, metabolism, binge eating, cravings, overcoming dieting, and many other relevant topics for life long weight maintenance
  • An easy to follow exercise program will be recommended that will help you to lose weight rapidly while making you feel better
  • You will be given home-study nutritional education materials that are easy to follow including:
    • An educational binder that coordinates with the in-office videos
    • Learn how losing weight impacts your overall health
    • Learn the nutritional values of food and which ones to avoid
    • Learn about the glycemic index (the effects of carbohydrates on your blood sugar level) and how good carbs vs. bad carbs impact your weight loss
    • Learn which Fast Foods to avoid to have the least negative impact on your weight loss
    • Learn which combinations of foods can help you to lose weight
    • Learn how exercise can help your burn calories to improve health and maximize weight loss
    • 2 workbooks on nutrition, exercise, and obtaining/maintaining good health including:
      • Your commitments to yourself
      • Your food plans and food diary
      • Your weight loss chart
      • Your insights from the weight loss videos
      • Your physical activity plans, what works, and what does not work
      • Your plans to manage your weight through holidays and vacations
      • Your emotional eating cues are identified
      • Your notes with tips from the nutritional and behavior modification counselors
      • Your goals and successes

Maintaining your weight loss:

Most weight loss programs end with dropouts or when weight goals are reached.  That is the reason why so many people are not successful with permanent weight loss. We provide an ongoing maintenance program to help you with any difficulties that you might encounter keeping your weight off.  Cost and frequency of visits are reduced so that you may take advantage of these services.



“I am 31 years old, was diagnosed with having diabetes at age 10, and am now on insulin. Before starting the Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Programs, I had excessive weakness, tiredness, occasional dizziness, depression, and insomnia. I lost 24.5 pounds in 12 weeks without any side effects or complications and I now feel great. I would strongly recommend the Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Programs to anyone.” PJ